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We offer services for residential, commercial and industrial water systems. We design each system based off our customers unique water chemistry and use. Contact your local experts at AquaKlear today!

Our products:

High Efficiency Water softener

Our base unit. Soft-n-Klear uses top of the line Clack componenets and a commercial grade resin. Combine a Soft-n-Klear water softner with one of our CholoriKlear whole house carbon filters for a home free of hard scaly water. You’ll enjoy healthy, chlorine free, water for the whole house!

arsenic filtration system

Arsenic comes in the form of Arsenic 3 and Arsenic 5. Removing Arsenic is very reliant upon knowing how to remove both types based on your water’s chemistry. Your family’s health is at stake, so make sure you use an expert with knowledge of your water chemistry.

reverse osmosis

Systems sized from under sink, whole house to industrial systems. We use NSF certified Reverse Osmosis Systems to ensure you get the safest drinking water. We custom build commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems to fit your needs.

iron filter with ozone gas injection

Guaranteed removal of Iron, Manganese, Sulfur smell, and Iron/Sulfate bacteria below EPA standards. Dramatically reduces Arsenic, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Radium and Uranium. Eliminates the problems of rust stains, foul odor and Iron bacteria in your water.

Alkaline water filtration system

ChloriKlear PH+ is a custom filter to reduce foul and harmful contaminates from your drinking water. This product is for city water that meets EPA minimum standards but where the homeowner wants higher PH water plus a reduction in dissolved heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines and organic compounds.

whole house carbon filter

Whole house carbon filters to remove chlorine and other organic compounds. Chlorinated water is necessary to sanitize city water until it is in your house. Having chlorinated water in your house is like using chlorinated pool water to drink, shower, bather and do your laundry. Chlorine can adversely affect your immune system. Chlorine kills your gut flora and causes digestive problems affecting your overall health.


Our proprietary blend of medias provide an ultra high level of filtering for the whole house not just your refrigerator and sink.
Are you concerned about the quality of your home’s drinking water? You have several options for cleaner water, including purchasing bottled water or using a filtration pitcher. However, neither of them is a long-term solution: the capacity of a filtration pitcher is constrained, and bottled water is not only expensive but also generates huge quantities of plastic, which end up in landfills. Installing a AquaKlear whole house water filter system is a far better solution for providing clean and healthy water to your family. Then, no matter which faucet or tap in your home is turned on, you’ll be sure you’re getting water free of harmful contaminants.


Commercial grade resin lasts up to 2x times longer than standard resins.

Benefits of soft-N-Klear:

We use 10% crosslink commercial resin as opposed to the 8% used by our competitors. 10% resin is stronger and last up to 2x longer in harsh conditions. It holds up better making the Softener more efficient over its lifespan.
When hardness is removed, colors are brighter and stain removal increases dramatically.
Hard water can result in almost 50%reduction in efficiency. Softened water saves up to 57% in operating cost.
Softened water extends the life of appliances and reduces repair cost due to hard water. Your faucets, shower heads, appliances, and plumbing will last much longer.
Up to 70% less detergent is needed with softened water. Soil removal on dishes is up to 12x more effective than adding detergent. Hardness spots virtually eliminated.

How Does It Work?

is it efficient?

Is it Expensive?

Electricity cost is less than $5 a year. Soft-n-Klear water softeners use only the highest level clack controller, the industry leader in computerized control heads.


headaches, nausea, or chest pain?

When there is too much arsenic in your drinking water, it can cause symptoms like headaches, nausea, and chest pain. If your ailments match that description, it’s imperative that we test your water as soon as possible. Our team is available to install an arsenic filtering system, which will improve your health in no time.
While testing the water at your home or business, let us check for other contaminants, including iron, manganese, and lead. If the results come back positive, don’t worry. We offer custom water systems designed to purify your water supply.

Now offering free water analysis!


How it works:
Raw water is forced through the head of Ozone at the top of the tank. Ozone oxidizes minerals such as iron and manganese that are dissolved in water and converts them to solid particulates.
The solid particles are filtered out as they move through the filter media. The IronKlear controller automatically intiates a regeneration based on the number of days or gallons used. During regeneration, the trapped mineral particles are flushed out.
Ozone kills nuisance bacteria 1.5x better than chlorine injection systems.

IronKlear Benefits:

ChloriKlear PH+

Highly filtered with bacteria control, heavy metal reduction plus the mineral enriched Alkaline water without the bottled water waste.


reverse osmosis

Delicious, sparkling-clear drinking water, ready at your tap.


How it works:

The Sediment/Carbon Prefilter protects the automatic shut–off and Membrane from clogging with debris, and is also designed to reduce chlorine, to protect the refined T.F.C. Membrane.
Reverse Osmosis. This is the heart of the system. The T.F.C. Membrane substantially reduces dissolved solids and other unwanted impurities (specified on the performance data sheet) from the water stream.
The R.O. water is then routed to an Activated Carbon Filter, where the water flows through the filter very slowly to achieve prolonged contact with this specialized carbon.
The final stage of filtration, an Inline Carbon Filter, is designed to reduce any remaining tastes and odors before the water reaches your glass, adding a final “polish” to your filtered water.

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AquaKlear Filtration makes it easier and more convenient than ever to improve the water in your home or business. You can never go wrong with our  custom water filter systems.