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There are numerous benefits to installing Soft-N-Klear SST water softeners at your home or business. From extending the life of your appliances to keeping your clothes brighter, you’ll quickly notice all the ways your home water systems will improve your life.

Water softeners work by forcing raw water through an ion exchange resin that is charged with salt ions. The hard water minerals are then attracted to the resin, pulling them out of your water supply while being replaced by small amounts of sodium, which is typically less than three milligrams per liter. With the ultra-efficient Soft-N-Klear water softener, an automatic cleaning cycle is initiated based on the number of hard minerals in the water and size of the resin bed. Those unneeded mineral particles are then flushed down the drain during the regeneration process. You’ll also notice an increase in energy-efficiency. Most customers pay less than $5 per year in electricity costs with a Soft-N-Klear water softener. With those type of savings, you’ll have more money to pursue other home improvement projects or purchase a luxury item or two.

In addition, less detergent will be needed to clean dishes and hard water spots will no longer affect your cups and glasses. In addition, a new water softener will improve overall water quality, thus preventing hard water buildup in your drains and pipes. All those facts will lead to increased savings both now and in the future.

Don’t allow another water filtration company to install your home water system. One mistake could lead to costly repairs down the line. When your hire AquaKlear Filtration to handle the job, you can rely on our water chemistry expertise to ensure the softener is programmed for maximum efficiency.

Benefits of a water softening system

  • 20 Percent Less Salt Usage
  • Protects Plumbing and Appliances
  • Brighter Clothes and Less Detergent
  • Improved Dishwasher Performance
  • Improved Hot Water Efficiency
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