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The Difference is IronKlear

How does IronKlear work?

Don't make this face when drinking your water.

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Klear Benefits

Expert Knowledge

If you or your loved ones have experienced a metallic taste or odor after drinking faucet water, these could be signs of too much iron in your drinking water. Solve this water problem by letting us install an IronKlear filter. Thanks to our expert knowledge of local water chemistry, we know exactly what products are needed to provide safe drinking water for your family.

Peace of Mind

After we’ve installed an IronKlear filter, take peace of mind knowing it provides guaranteed removal below the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standard for drinking water. Say goodbye to excess iron, manganese, iron bacteria, and sulphate bacteria as minerals are dissolved in the system and then filtered out.

Cost Savings

While other iron filtering systems require hydrogen peroxide or chlorine injection, the IronKlear unit uses ozone, which is 1.5X stronger than chlorine and 10X stronger than the head of air used by other companies to oxidize iron and manganese. In addition to not using harmful chemicals, our system is safe for septic systems and costs less to operate.

Klearing the Competition!

Competitors need hydrogen peroxide or chlorine injection.  IronKlear uses ozone.

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Stronger than chlorine
Stronger than the head of air used by other companies to filter your water.