Reverse Osmosis - Commercial

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BSF Series Reverse Osmosis System

The BSF-1 Series Reverse Osmosis System is designed for overall high performance, adjustable recovery rates for long membrane life, and minimal energy consumption.



Fully equipped and customizable

Compact space saving design

Components easily accessible

Pre-plumbed, wired and assembled

Factory tested and preserved

Low operation costs

Low maintenance costs

Easy maintenance and servicing

1-Year limited warranty

Made in the USA

It features a simple design, excellent pre-filtration, quality components and it allows for options and upgrades to suit most applications.

BSF-1 Series water osmosis

Features Include:


Roc2 Computer Controller

20” Big Blue Sediment Pre-Filter

Multi Stage Pump

XLE Low Energy Membranes

Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels

Permeate Flow Meter

Concentrate Flow Meter

Recycle Flow Meter

Low Pressure Switch

Feed Solenoid Valve

Recycle Valve

0-300 psi Liquid filled pressure Gauges

0-150 psi Liquid filled pressure Gauges



FRP Pressure Vessels

Pre-treatment Lockout

Auto Flush

High Pressure Tank Switch

Chemical Pump Outlet

Blending Valve

Wood Shipping Crate

Reverse Osmosis

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