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ChloriKlear PH+

Highly filtered with bacteria control, heavy metal reduction plus the mineral enriched Alkaline water without the bottled water waste.

ChloriKlear PH+ is a custom filter to reduce foul and harmful contaminates from your drinking water.

This product is for city water that meets EPA minimum standards but where the homeowner wants higher PH water plus a reduction in dissolved heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines and organic compounds.


Reduces 99% of particulates to 1 micron. 

Cyst, cryptosporidium, >99.99% 

Chloramine/chlorine, taste, color, and odor reduction 


Increases PH to approximately 9.5, and increases Alkalinity and calcium. 

Alkaline water has potent antioxidant effects. 

High in alkaline minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium 

Increases quantity of oxygen in the blood, crucial for health function and happiness. 

Increased levels of oxygen provide more energy at the cellular level and negatively charged hydroxyl ions play an important role in increasing overall alertness, clarity of mind and energy levels. 

Kids Drinking Water and Smiling