Lady drinking water Aquaklear

KlearWater is Key

Everyone knows how important water is to the human body. After all, we are made up of seventy percent water. Water quenches our vital organs, improves our skin, and keeps us feeling healthy and satisfied. It is essential to life.

Common Symptoms

What(’s going on)? happens when your water has an unpleasant odor? What if you a pour a glass expecting pure refreshment and end up with a stale, metallic taste? Odor and foul taste are often a result of too much iron in the water.

The Solution

The best way to improve your water quality is with an IronKlear filter from AquaKlear. Our unique IronKlear filters build upon our expert knowledge of local water chemistry. The filters are low maintenance, there are no chemicals to mix and are septic tank safe. Each filter has antibacterial properties and utilizes green technology.

How does it work?

While other filter systems require an oxidizer like oxygen, hydrogen peroxide,or chlorine, IronKlear harnesses ozone which is 1.5 x stronger than chlorine and 10x stronger the air utilized by other companies.  Raw water is forced through the head of the Ozone layer at the top of the tank. The Ozone layer oxidizes the minerals that are dissolved in water, converting them to solid particles that are then filtered out as they move through the system. Once installed, an IronKlear filter is guaranteed to remove more iron than required by the EPA standard for drinking water. It also removes manganese, iron bacteria, and sulphate bacteria.

What does this mean for you?

Our filter works to remove odors, reduce turbidity, and filter to less than three microns, with no harmful chemicals involved in the process. You get, clean, odorless, tasteless water for your whole family to enjoy.

So go ahead and take up that gallon water drinking challenge, wash your dishes with peace of mind, and let the kids drink from the tap. Your water is safer and tastes better with an IronKlear filter from AquaKlear Filtration.