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Benefits of Water Softeners  
If you have hard water, you can certainly feel it on your skin. How it feels externally though, is just the tip of the iceberg. The real issue with hard water is the metal content, and high levels of calcium and magnesium. These are responsible for everything from clogged pipes, faulty appliances, and even water odor and discoloration.

Hard Water Is Damaging
Hardwater can cause all sorts of issues and many are costly. When hard water passes through your plumbing, the mineral deposits in the water adhere to the piping, faucets, and taps. This buildup is hard to clean and unattractive, plus it gives your water a foul taste. The same scales that build up in your pipes affect your appliances too. These mineral deposits build and build until the flow of water is compromised. You may get to know your local plumber
real well if you live in an area with hard water.

Do you find yourself cleaning your sink often? The cause may be repeated hard water use. Hard water leaves sinks yellowed and discolored, despite your best cleaning efforts. Hard water also affects your clothes, hair, and skin. Before you invest in a new washer, or buy yet another bottle of moisturizing shampoo, check your water chemistry. Hard water fades and pills clothes. It leaves your skin dry and hair coarse, despite continued efforts to moisturize and clean.

I have Hard Water, Now What?
Tired of hard water damage? A water softener can help by eliminating the harmful mineral deposits. Softened water extends the life of your appliances, reduces the need for costly repairs, and even improves the longevity of your faucets, shower heads, and plumbing. Softened water uses up to 70% less detergent than hard water, improving soil removal and water spots on dishes, boosting stain removal and preserving brightness in clothing. It can even improve your hot water heater efficiency, saving you up to 57% in operating costs.

The Process
At AquaKlear Filtration, we test your water to determine your specific water chemistry. We look at pH and alkalinity levels that can often cause scaling conditions, even with softer water in place. Once we understand your water, we can set up your water softener to ensure maximum operation and the most efficient use of salt.

Our Soft-N-Klear water softeners use 10% crosslink commercial resin, at least two percent more than most competitors. This extends the efficiency and lifespan of the water softener, allowing it to last up to two times longer in harsh conditions. When combined with a whole-house carbon filter, chlorine and other organic compounds can be virtually eliminated. It is like drinking and showering with bottled water! Best of all, the electricity cost to operate our Soft-N-Klear water softener is less than five dollars per year.