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High Quality Water

AquaKlear Filtration proudly serves the state of Idaho.  Founded by engineer Darrell Cobb, our water filtration business uses his engineering background and custom manufacturing facility to provide an advantage over the competition.

No Job too Big or Small

While other water filtration companies may get their equipment from the Midwest or East Coast, where the water chemistry makeup is much different, our devices are built in the Rocky Mountain area and specifically designed to treat the water found in the mountains of Idaho.  As a member of the Water Quality Association (WQA), we’re committed to conducting ourselves with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity, all while providing the public with quality water.  Ready to install water systems at both residential and commercial properties, there’s no job that’s too big or small for AquaKlear Filtration LLC.

Boise Whole House Water Filter System

Are you concerned about the quality of your home’s drinking water? You have several options for cleaner water, including purchasing bottled water or using a filtration pitcher. However, neither of them is a long-term solution: the capacity of a filtration pitcher is constrained, and bottled water is not only expensive but also generates huge quantities of plastic, which end up in landfills. Installing a Boise whole house water filter system is a far better solution for providing clean and healthy water to your family. Then, no matter which faucet or tap in your home is turned on, you’ll be sure you’re getting water free of harmful contaminants.

AquaKlear Filtration whole house water filter system in Boise ID protects against a wide range of water issues, including bad odors/tastes, iron staining, corroded pipes, difficulty cleaning, and more. These high-performance, high-quality filtration systems can be customized to meet your unique water quality concerns.


Depending on the Boise whole house water filter system you choose, your water will be treated in several stages to remove as many pollutants as possible.

All whole-house filters, in general, have a multi-stage process, which includes pre-filtration, filtration, and post-filtration phases.


Here’s what you should expect from our whole house water filter system in Boise ID:

  • Cleaner water that is free of bad tastes/smells
  • A custom filtration system that meets the unique needs of your home
  • A seamless integration with your current plumbing system
  • Scale buildup and minimized rust stains


Quality is crucial when it comes to the water we drink. Most people will not even drink water from their taps because of its quality and taste.  However, we use the same water in other areas, like washing dishes, laundry, cooking, and showering.

That is why it is important not only to ensure that the water you drink is of high quality but also that the water you use in your daily life is of high quality. Installing a Boise whole house water filter system is the best way to ensure that the water in your home is safe and pure. AquaKlear Filtration can assist you in choosing the ideal system.


AquaKlear Filtration makes it easier and more convenient than ever to improve the water in your home. You can never go wrong with our Boise whole house water filter system. Contact our experts at AquaKlear Filtration at (208) 315-1565 to speak to a technician.




Protect your family's health

We also offer free water tests, so contact our business today to schedule a free water analysis at your property.  If there’s too much iron, arsenic, bacteria, nitrates, uranium, hard water, or natural gas in your well water, it will show up in our water quality checks.  If tests come back positive, we’ll install a water filtration system that guarantees exceptional results.

Protect your family’s health by having your water checked. We’re ready to visit your home or business, so let us know if you’d like your water analyzed.  Rest assured that we have a water filtration system that’s specially built to resolve any issue you may have.


Dee S
Dee S
AQUAKLEAR filtration LLC is awesome. They arrived when they said, did a great job and whole household water filter product is amazing. Clear, no smells and taste fantastic!
amy leslie
amy leslie
Great experience
Pat Yancey
Pat Yancey
Tyler was very professional, courteous and polite Work was really clean
Mike DeDecker
Mike DeDecker
AquaKlear is the best, they are very knowledgeable and very responsive Great customer service and always willing to make sure you are happy with their services and explain how things work. I have known Daryl For a few years and cannot imagine using anyone else. Plus Tyler is amazing he just install another Filter system in my house very kind and professional Best services out there
Renee Ladd
Renee Ladd
Scott and Bev Pressman
Scott and Bev Pressman
Prompt, courteous, knowledgable and easy to work with.
Caretakers LLC
Caretakers LLC
Tyler was exceptional. He is a very good listener and was super thorough!
Shannon Rice
Shannon Rice
Darrell is great to work with. I am so excited to have drinkable filtered water now!
David Davies
David Davies
Susan Smith Habel
Susan Smith Habel
Darryl, the owner of Aqua Klear is a top-notch professional. He was responsive, helpful and thorough in making sure the right solution was found and quickly implemented. He is impeccably knowledgeable about his field, personable, trustworthy and reliable. My husband and I highly recommend his company. Susan & Dan Habel

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